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Nutrition and Physical Fitness Topics

Fruits, Vegetables and Weight Loss

By eating the proper amount of fruits and vegetables you can lose weight. Learn to eat right here with portion information, fruit and vegetable suggestions and more.

Increasing Your Physical Activity

An essential part of losing weight and staying healthy is engaging in physical activity and exercise, Learn how to increase your physical activity here.

Exercise Equipment

Buying exercise equipment may help you exercise more and enjoy getting in shape, but read these tips before purchasing any fitness equipment.

Weight Loss Tips

Nutrition and exercise tips to help you los weight. Losing weigh can be tough, but avoiding false products and maintaining proper nutrition can be just as hard. Read these tips to burn fat and lose weight.

Illness and Disease

Avian Influenza

Learn about the hepavirus responsible for influenza in birds and the possibility of it transmission to humans.

Mesothelioma and Asbestos

     Asbestos exposure is a leading cause of the cancer known as mesothelioms. Victims in the US may be eligible for compensation for industrial or workplace exposure to asbestos. Learn about mesothelioma, its diagnoisis and treatment here.

Pandemic Influenza

An influenza pandemic could kill millions of people worldwide. Learn about the disease, past outbreaks and what governments are doing to prepare for an outbreak virluent flu.


Tuberculosis killed thousands of people in the early twentieth century. It is still a threat today due to new extra drug resistant strains. Learn about TB and XDR TB at

Senior Citizens' Health

Senior Citizen's Health Guide offers you a free guide to a range of senior health topics- physical fitness, injuries and falls, palliative care and more, arthritis and more.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

On this site you can learn about how US Medicare can pay for your prescription drugs. If you are over 65 and a U.S. resident, you may be eligible.

Physical Fitness for Senior Citizens

Retirement age is the most important time to stay in shape. This site was designed for senior citizens with information about exercise, strength training and exercise safety.

Health Information

Lasik Eye Corrective Surgeries

If you have poor vision, you may benefit from eye surgery to replace glasses. Lasik is the most recent and common innovation in optical surgery.

Health and Hygiene for Pet Owners

Dogs, cats and birds can all pass diseases to humans. Dog bites and allergies can also be health risks. Leanr about pet safety and keeping your children and family safe from pet-related health risks.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide can cause serious or fatal poisoning. Luckily, Carbon Monoxide intoxication can be prevented with a CO detector.

Food Safety

Food borne diseases can cause serious illness. Leanr about food handling safety and hygiene with

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